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Good Morning

Good morning! It’s a beautiful day 🙂 I would like to thank God for everything. We can’t do anything without God’s love. It is not about us, but it is about what we can do for God.

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10 April, 2019 11:04

I guess it was cocky of me to assume that I could just wing it and turn music into a career on my first try. I moved to Los Angeles thinking it would be easy and the truth is it is not. The music industry is not what you think it is and I am here to give you my perspective. I have the trap god and trap queen behind me. I have the nonprofit king with me. I have the irish money, the dubai express, the south twin cities, east euro, the moved out of hometown, the stayed in hometown. Life passes you by everyday whether you are happy so you should be happy. Don’t worry, be happy! Share more, code more, talk more, text more, type more. Type more! There is nothing wrong with being great as everything! Trevor Noah 🙂

// Donovan

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Why do I feel bad about not going out at night?
Why don’t I feel bad about not going out during the day?
Why does English say at night? Or at night time?
Why does English say during the day? Or at day time.
You don’t say at day. You say at night.
What is this quip say about how English thinks about day vs night?
I just ate dank Asian food and listened to Deadmau5 and am about to watch Black Mirror on Netflix. Btw did you know Joel Zimmerman, aka Deadmau5 is married and has been since 2017 to his long time girlfriend? For some reason I forgot, because I had to of known, because I knew who his groomsmen were. Or did I know? Memory is so fleeting. Idk what I know and idk what I don’t. Who knows! Not I. Goodnight.

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Data Management

SHORT VERSION: Twin SD Cards (Personal & Professional). Twin Thunderbolt Drives. 1 DAS (Work). Twin NAS (Home & Work). Edit. Save MOV & MP4. Trim Project Footage & Keep Timeline Used Only. DS1815+ for Home Office. DS1817+ for Work Office. Excel Master List of Archived Hard Drives containing Masters, Compressed & Projects.

Info taken from Tested


Footage: Sony FS5 & Canon C100

Capture: SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB 95 MB/s SD Cards

Travel: Camera Bag & Personal Travel Bag

Return: After shooting & make 2 copies of the cards.. 1 to NAS, 1 to EDIT Drive

Editing A: Edit Drive @ Office: Pegasus 2 R4 DAS (Direct Attached Storage) via Thunderbolt

Editing B: Goto the editing bay and begin to edit the footage.

Exporting A: 2 versions. ProRes Master File (.mov 17GB) & Compressed H.264 Version for YouTube (3.6GB)

Exporting B: Saving Space Step: Adobe Media’s Archival Tool does TRIMMING so only keep RAW of footage used in timeline

Archiving A: Synology Disk Station DS1815+ for Home office archiving.

Archiving B: Synology Disk Station DS1817+ NAS for Edit office (remote office).

Note: MOV = WAV | MP4 = MP3

Cataloging A: Excel Sheet Master File List: Masters, Compressed H264, Projects, Listed & Searchable.

Retrieval A: “This project is on Drive 14 & also in the cloud.”

Repeat: Film, copy, store, archive. #Loop